Vinolia Apakoh is the passionate founder and CEO behind Akwaaba Foods, bringing the warmth of Ghana to the Canadian Prairies through food. Born in Ghana, Vinolia has carried on her maternal grandmother’s cooking traditions for years before officially launching her sauce company. She aims to build a community through food and give back at every opportunity.

My Story: Vinolia Apakoh

I love to cook, and I love to serve. Akwaaba Foods started as a way to serve my community and display my love and compassion for others through food. Everybody has to eat right?   I have always been in the kitchen, with my mother, grandmother, aunties, cousins, you name it! I began catering events for close family and friends, and before I knew it, I had a side business doing something that I loved. I started to see a large interest in my signature Shito sauce among my family and friends and therefore decided to share it with my community.

In 2019, Akwaaba Foods was born! With the support of my family and friends, the passion that was once a hobby started to become a fulfilling career.