Company History

Akwaaba Foods was established in 2020 out of a passion for sharing delicious Ghanaian flavours with our community. Our founder, Vinolia, has been refining her recipes and making her signature Shito sauces for years. We handcraft all our products in Saskatchewan while staying true to the Ghanaian culture.

What “Akwaaba” Means

Akwaaba means “welcome” in the Akan language, spoken widely across Ghana. It represents the spirit of hospitality, community, and warmth that we strive to embody. Just as Ghanaians say “Akwaaba” to visitors as an expression of acceptance, we welcome you to explore new flavours with open arms through our Shito sauces, catering, and experiences.

Our Founder

Akwaaba Foods is led by founder and self-taught home cook Vinolia Apakoh. After years of sharing Ghanaian dishes with loved ones, her signature Shito sauce became so popular that she turned her passion into a business. But for Vinolia, Akwaaba is not just about food; it’s about cultural connection and community impact.

Quality Ingredients and Production

We make our sauces in small batches at a commercial kitchen in Saskatchewan. We source high-quality herbs, spices, seafood, and produce, including key ingredients imported right from Ghana. We carefully cook our Shito sauces using traditional methods to maximize fresh flavours without preservatives or artificial additives.

Our Famous Shito Sauces

Our versatile Shito sauces can liven up veggies, proteins, soups, sandwiches—you name it! With their savory, smoky flavours and aromatic heat, they make it easy to infuse that authentic African zing into everyday dishes. We offer original recipes packed with herbs and smoked fish, as well as vegan and extra-spicy versions.